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CPI Newsletter 2023-8-13

One of the primary purposes of CPI is to prevent war between the West and China.  This is a really difficult task because humans love war. 

CPI Newsletter 2023-8-6

What if a senior leader in China decides their system is not better?
The argument that China’s system of government is better for China has been repeated for decades.

CPI Newsletter 2023-7-30

When Henry Kissinger met with President Xi Jinping in Beijing recently, Mr. Xi is quoted as saying “Looking ahead, China and the United States can help each other succeed and prosper together, and the key is to follow the three principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation.”

CPI Newsletter 2023-7-23

The China Peace Initiative (CPI) continually attempts to make the case that China and the West are not each other’s worst enemy.  Their worst enemies are the universal defects in humanity.